Department of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering Trivandrum

Faculty Profile

Ahallianath K G R

Assistant Professor (ad-hoc)

Phone: 9605454056 (M)



BTech- Electrical and Electronics Engineering (University of Calicut)

MTech- Electrical Machines (University of Kerala)

Area of Interest


Electrical Machines

Professional Experience


Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc) – College of Engineering Trivandrum (2016 onwards)

Recently taught courses


Power System Instrumentation

Computer Programming

Material Science

Sustainable and Translational Engineering

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Measurements and Instrumentation

Important Publications


1. Ahallianath K G R, Waheeda Beevi M.,“Indirect Field Oriented Control of Induction Motor using Predictive Current Controller", International  conference on Control, Communication & Computing India( ICCC) 2015.

2. Ahallianath K G R, Waheeda Beevi M., “SVM Based VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive with Predictive Current Controller”, National Conference on Technical Trends (NCTT)2015.