Department of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering Trivandrum

Faculty Profile

Dr. Rajeev T.


Phone: 9447889009 (M)



B. Tech – Electrical and Electronics Engg. (M.G University)
M. Tech – Power Systems (Kerala University)
Ph.D- Electrical Engineering (NIT Calicut)

Area of Interest


Smart Grid, Demand side management, New and renewable energy sources

Professional Experience


Assistant Engineer, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation

Faculty in Electrical Engineering at Govt. Engineering Colleges in Kerala since Nov. 2003

Recently taught courses


New and Renewable Energy sources, Smart grid Technologies and Applications

Other Responsibilities


Faculty-in-charge, Power Systems Lab,
Technology Business Incubation Cell( TBI)

Important Publications

  1. . Rajeev and S. Ashok, “Dynamic load shifting program based on cloud computing framework to support integration of Renewable energy,” Applied Energy, Elsevier , vol. 146, pp.141-149, May 2015.
  2. T. Rajeev and S. Ashok, “Dynamic pricing based on a cloud computing framework to support the integration of renewable energy sources,” IET Journal of Engineering , vol. 2, pp.680-687, Dec. 2014.
  3. T. Rajeev and S. Ashok, “Smart Grid Environment with Effective Storage and Computational facilities,” Lecture notes on Electrical engineering, SPRINGER, vol. 188, pp. 1-7, Jan. 2012.