Department of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering Trivandrum


Department of Electrical Engineering, CET is  involved research and development activities in diverse areas. The research and consultancy   activities are actively taken up by the faculty members of the department  and have been gaining momentum in the recent past. Nearly 30  research scholars are also currently doing research on various areas in electrical engineering. The research fields cover power systems, power electronics, electric vehicle, renewable energy, robotics, control systems, electrical machines and smart grid.

     Department  has attracted the partnership with various organisations and has  initiated joint research with DRDO, VSSC, CDAC, KSEB, KSCSTE, ANERT & EMC,  in a broad range of areas vital to India’s national interests.


Research Areas

Machines and Drives

Power Systems

Control Systems

Electric Vehicle Technology

Navigation, Guidance and Control of Autonomous Systems



Research Guides

Sl No

Research Guides

Research Areas


Dr. Savier J S

Power System
Renewable Energy
Smart Grid, Micro grid


Dr. Bindu G R

Control and Conditional Monitoring of Electrical Machines,
Electromagnetic field Theory


Dr. V.R. Jisha

Control Systems


Dr. Mabel Ebenezer

Power Systems, Renewable Energy


Dr. R M Shereef

Power Systems
Operation and Control of Power Systems
Power Quality Smart grid,
Renewable Energy integration


Dr. Mayadevi N

Energy Management
Machine Learning
Intelligent Systems


Dr. Lalpriya P S

Control Systems
Electric Vehicles
Aerospace Engineering


Dr. Rajeev T

Electric Vehicles
AC-DC Micro grid
Smart Grid, Micro grid


Dr. Harikumar R

Power Systems / Electric Drives
Renewable Engineering, Micro grid


Dr. Sreeja S

Aerospace Engineering
Navigation, Guidance and Control of Autonomous Systems
State and Parameter Estimation



Research Projects

S.No. Project Title Funding Agency Investigator Year of commencement Status
1 Optimal Energy Management in Interconnected Nanogrids CERD - KTU Dr. Hari Kumar R 2018 ONGOING
2 Design of biped robot CERD - KTU Dr.V R Jisha 2018 ONGOING
3 Mind controlled lift assist for paralysed people. CERD - KTU Dr.J S Savier 2018 ONGOING
4 Design and fabrication of a portable electronic component extractor for ewaste-mobile phones. CERD - KTU Dr. Maya Devi N 2018 ONGOING
5 Continuous life cycle evaluation of Li-ion batteries used in hybrid CERD - KTU Prof. Deepa M U 2018 ONGOING
6 Wireless charging of electric vehicles CERD - KTU Dr. Rajeev T 2018 ONGOING
7 Design and development of EWaste PCB Component Separator and Segregator CERD - KTU Prof. Jayasree M S 2018 ONGOING
8 Design and development of a micro phasor measurement unit CERD - KTU Dr. J S Savier 2018 ONGOING
9 Quantification of Harmonic Injection in Power System using Non -Active Power Theory CERD - KTU Dr. Francis M Fernandez 2018 ONGOING
10 Solar assisted electric vehicle with one converter for charging and motor driving CERD - KTU Deepa M U 2018 ONGOING
11 Design and Implementation of an energy efficient robust controller for an electric vehicle with In - Wheel motors CERD - KTU Dr. Lal Priya P S 2018 ONGOING
12 Design and develpoment of a humanoid robot CERD - KTU Dr. Sreeja S 2018 ONGOING
13 Mind Controlled Stair Climbing Wheelchair with self balancing seat. CERD - KTU Prof. Indulal S 2017 Completed
14 An autonomous quad copter based delivery system CERD - KTU Dr. V R Jisha 2017 ONGOING
15 Optimal Energy Management in Interconnected Nanogrids CERD - KTU Dr. Hari Kumar R 2017 Completed
16 Rope less elevator system using linear induction motor CERD - KTU Dr. Shereef R M 2017 Completed
17 Indoor navigation for visually impaired using visible light communication CERD - KTU Dr. V R Jisha 2017 Completed
18 Portable life detection device CERD - KTU Prof. Sreedevi G 2017 Completed
19 Design and development of fault detection and prognosis system for three phase induction motor drive system CERD - KTU Dr. Mini V P 2017 Completed
20 Modeling and analysis of high speed Homopolar Inductor Alternator DRDO Dr. S Ushakumari
Dr. Mini V P
Prof. Sreedevi G
2016 Completed
21 Setting up of solar power plant in three phases with maximum capacity of 135 kW KSEB Dr. Francis M Fernandez, Dr. S Ushakumari 2015 Completed
22 Development of position control of piezo-electric actuators and sensors ISRO Dr. S Ushakumari
Prof. lethakumari R
2016 Completed
23 Coordinated the project on Real time expert system associated with thermal power plant CDAC Dr. S Ushakumari 2015 Completed
24 Design and development of an Intelligent data monitoring and management system for microgrid CERD - KTU Dr. Mayadevi N 2017 ONGOING
25 Power factor improvement in three phase induction motor drivesystem CERD - KTU Dr. Mini V P 2017 ONGOING
26 Design and development of an intelligent,integrated and cost effective IoT enabled tool for the planning of hybrid power generation system using the local weather data and load pattern. CERD - KTU Dr. Harikumar R 2017 ONGOING
27 Design and implementation of solar pv system for the electrification of an isolated rural household CERD - KTU Dr. Mini V P 2015 Completed
28 Implementation of a fuzzy logic algorithm for detection, diagnosis and forecasting of fault in a three phase induction motor drive system KSCSTE Dr. Mayadevi N
Dr. Mini V P
Dr. Harikumar R
Dr. S Ushakumari
2018 On Going
29 Human Operated exoskelton ICFOSS Dr.Jisha V R 2018 On going
30 Electric Auto Rikshaw KSCSTE Dr. Lalpriya P S 2018 On going