Department of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering Trivandrum

Faculty Profile

T. Samina

Associate Professor

Phone: 9497767485,



BTech- Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
TKM College Of Engineering Kollam, Kerala University

M Tech- Power Systems - NIT Trichy

Area of Interest


Power Systems, Electrical Machines, Electrical Drives

Professional Experience


Assistant Professor- College of Engineering  Trivandrum 2001-2015 
Assistant Professor – Government Engineering College  Idukki (2015-2016)
Assistant Professor – College of Engineering  Trivandrum (2016 onwards)

Recently taught courses


High Voltage engineering, Electrical & Electronics Instrumentation,  Synchronous & Induction  Machines,  Modelling of Electrical Machines.

Other Responsibilities


Library In charge, Department Library.

Assistant Lab in charge ,Electrical Machines Lab

Important Publications

  1. T. Samina,  A. Bisharathu Beevi,  S.RamaIyer, ‘’ Rotor Side Control for Improving the Transient Response of Doubly Fed Induction Generator in Wind Power System" IEEE International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy   ( TAP Energy)2017.

  2. T. Samina,  Nithin.A,   A.Bisharathu Beevi,  S.RamaIyer, ‘’A Novel Control Strategy for Operating Grid Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generators Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage ‘’  .IEEE International conference on Control, Communication and Computing, India 2015 .

  3. Nithin.A, T.Samina,  A.Bisharathu Beevi,  S.RamaIyer ‘’ MPPT for a grid connected  Doubly Fed Induction Generators  using rotor side control  considering different modes of operation for wind power application ‘’. NCTT,2015

  4. Sugath. S .Kumar, T.Samina, S.RamaIyer, ‘’ Modelling and simulation of  Grid Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generators’’. GECIAN National Conference on Energy, Power Electronics& Control,2014.

  5. T.Samina, S.RamaIyer, Performance Analysis of  Doubly Fed Induction Generator for  Wind Power Generation’’.BJI NATCON,2014.

  6. Sugath. S .Kumar, T.Samina,   ‘’A Novel Reference Signal generation method for unified power quality conditioner,NCTT,2014 ‘’

  7. Sujith Rajan thomas, samina.T   ‘’Torque Capability Improvement in DTC Hysteresis based Induction Machines through Dynamic Over Modulation Method ‘’  NCTT,2014