Department of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering Trivandrum

Faculty Profile

Vidya M. S.

Assistant Professor

Phone: 0471-2515 636 (Office), 9562019975 (M)

Date of Joining: 11/06/2007(DTE), 25/08/2008(CET)



B. Tech – Electrical and Electronics Engg. (University of Kerala)
M. Tech – Power Systems (University of Kerala)
Ph. D (NIT Calicut)

Area of Interest


Power systems, Power Electronics, Electromagnetics, High-voltage engineering, Computational techniques

Professional Experience


Lecturer in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Government Engineering College, Idukki - (2007-08)

Faculty at College of Engineering Trivandrum - 2008 onwards

Recently taught courses


Power Quality, Basics of Electrical Engineering, Power generation transmission and Distribution, Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Linear algebra and linear systems, Computational Techniques in Electrical Engineering.

Other Responsibilities


B.Tech Advisor (2017 Admission batch)

Assistant Library in Charge(Department Library)

Advisor (M Tech ,Power Electronics, 2022 Admissions)

Lab in Charge (Electronic circuits and digital electronics lab)

DQAC Coordinator(Department level)

Membership in Professional Societies


Member IEEE

Lifemember ISTE

Important Publications

  1. Vidya.M.S and Roykumar. M, Design and implementation of ultracapacitror on a PV system, NCTT 2013
  2. Vidya.M.S and Roykumar. M, Dynamic evolution control of DVR in a PV grid connected system, NCTT2014
  3. Akshay George, Jerry Johnson, Rahul Anand P, Mathew Sam V and Vidya M S ,Bidirectional converter using single stage switched capacitor module (S^3 CM)  Topology, 1st International Conference on Recent Scientific Research In Engineering and Technology, March 2019
  4. Abdul Jaleel P and Vidya M S, ,Protection Scheme for Power Transmission Lines Considering the presence of Non linear loads, Post Graduate Poster Presentation, Samitha 2019, College of Engineering Trivandrum, July 2019
  5. Archana Mohan and Vidya M S, Artificial Neural Network Model of an IEEE 5 Bus system under transient Conditions,, 2020 Third International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology(ICSSIT),August 2020.
  6. Vidya.M.S., Sunitha K, Deepa S Kumar, Deepak Mishra and Ashok S, Gaussian Process Regression based Model for Prediction of Discharge Voltage of Air Gaps under Positive Polarity Lightning Impulse Voltages,, 2020IEEE Canadian conference on Electrical and computer engineering(CCECE),August 2020.
  7. M S Vidya, K Sunitha, Ashok S, DeepakMishra, VinodChandra,A ,A model based on bag of visual words to predict the category of damage in XLPE insulation under the application of combined AC and repeated lightning impulses of both polarities,Electrical Engineering, April 2021
  8. MS Vidya, K Sunitha, Deepak Mishra and S Ashok ,Analyzing the growth of XLPE insulation damage under the application of repeated lightning impulses using nonlinear models ,,2021 IEEE 5th International Conference on Condition Assessment Techniques in Electrical Systems (CATCON),December 2021
  9. MS Vidya, K Sunitha, S Ashok and Deepak Mishra ,,A Mathematical Modeling Approach to Characterize the Growth of the Electrical Tree in XLPE Insulation Under Lightning Impulse Overvoltage,, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, March 2022.
  10. MS Vidya, K Sunitha, Deepa S Kumar, Deepak Mishra and S Ashok ,,Breakdown voltage prediction for sphere and semispheroid geometries with Gaussian process regression-based model under the application of lightning impulses of both polarities,, IEEE Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 2022.